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More than Electric? – You Bet! Riverbridge Electric is a full service mechanical contracting firm. We can help you with all of your home and business contracting needs:

About Us

Riverbridge Electric is a full service mechanical contracting firm.  We can help integrate our many services to help make your business or home comfortable, effectively designed, and well maintained.

Meet Our Staff

Riverbridge Electric is an accomplished group of friends and family partnering together to bring you exceptional quality and service.

Community Involvement

At Riverbridge Electric, we are proud of our community. We believe it is good business practice to support the community which supports us. We’re all in this together.

Ethics you can trust! We stand by our work! We offer high quality parts and equipment, combined with unparalleled technical service to bring you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We service your home or business, with the same care and thoughtfulness, as if it were our own.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Dr. George and Norma Schneider

We had an old 1860’s house with a poor heating system and no air conditioning, and we decided that we wanted to completely remodel the house. We were just sold on Geothermal heating and cooling, but knew it would be a difficult project. We contacted Riverbridge Electric, they brought in their experts, and after spending…

Mike and Nancy Andritsch

Riverbridge Electric has done a lot of work for us over the years. Three years ago, they installed a new furnace, and more recently, they remodeled the bathrooms in our home. We were so pleased with the work they have done, they were just great to work with. Not only are they very friendly and easy to work with, the warranties…

Bob Pefley, Pefley Farm Equipment

Pefley Farm Equipment specializes in the buying and selling of farm machinery, both retail and wholesale. When we were starting our project, it became apparent that Riverbridge Electric was extremely professional. They installed air source heat pumps, and did the electrical work for our new shop. They don’t cut corners, but at the…

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